PTA Global's Certificate in Personal Training is the perfect course to build and solidify your career in the Health and Fitness Industry

The first Personal Training Certification in the industry to be done in collaboration with 24 of the world's most influential and progressive Health & Fitness educators.

The PTA Global Certificate in Personal Training is specifically designed to prepare you for a career as a Fitness Professional by empowering you with the necessary tools and skills to be successful immediately. By learning to train the Human Being, not just the Human Body, you're assured to GainTrain and Retain more clients.

By learning the scientifically and practically proven Systems, Sciences and Tools of PTA Global, you'll also be prepared to very quickly build a successful training business.

PTA Global Philippines

Certificate in Personal Training Course

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Train the human being and the human body.

Course topics include

  • All major Exercise Sciences with industry experts like Paul Chek (Digestion), Tom Purvis (Biomechanics and Skeletal System), Greg Rospkopf (Nervous System), Chuck Wolf (Muscular System), Dr. John Berardi (Nutrition), and many more
  • Specific Business DevelopmentSales, and Marketing strategies to build a clientele quickly and effectively
  • In depth Behavior ChangeMotivational Interviewing, and Communication
  • Motivation System with ready-made Client Orientation questionnaires built on the principles of Motivational Interviewing to enhance client motivation and build client-centered program design strategies
  • Movement System for creating and manipulating exercises in 3-dimensions inspired by industry expert, Gary Gray and the Gray Institute
  • Functional Anatomy using Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains
  • Special Populations with industry experts like Dr. Christian Thompson – professor at U of San Francisco (Older Adult), Brian Grasso – founder of International Youth Conditioning Association – IYCA (Youth), Annette Lang(Pregnancy)
  • Metabolic Training using Energy System Development techniques
  • Programming System with the first ever Behavior-based Program Design Tool filled with hundreds of pre-made, client-centered, 12-week periodized programs to match a clients Goal, Style of training, and Level of ability.
  • The Practical Side of Being a Personal Trainer real world testimonies from some of the world’s most successful Fitness Professionals

You will receive

  • Access to all of the educational course content to the New PTA Global certification course
  • A downloadable manual (printed version available for purchase in the USA and Canada only) with over 550 pages of text, illustrations and exercise demonstrations which maps to the online course
  • A 70-page study guide with over 35 interactive learning activities including role-playing
  • Downloadable PDF "notes pages" of all the slides and room to write notes
  • Over 30 downloadable forms for quickly building your clientele
  • New added sales/service tools to help build your PT business FASTER
  • Unlimited access to hundreds of pre-made programs based on Goals, Style and Level of training
  • Online access to the practice exam with unlimited attempts prior to taking the final exam
  • Three attempts at the online final exam
  • 3-Day Live Workshop to have a hands-on application of the PTA Global's systems, sciences, and tools.

*Due to the nature of the delivered medium, all PTA Global courses are intellectual property. They are non-transferable and non-refundable.

For complete details regarding the PTA Global Certification and renewal process, review the CPT Exam Candidate Handbook and our Frequently Asked Questions.

Any individual wishing to take the CPT Exam must be:

  • At least 18-years of age before registering for the CPT Exam
  • Be CPR/AED Certified, including a hands-on practical, at the time of exam registration

We'll show you how to acquire, motivate, and retain clients.