SURGE® 100 Series: Hydro Training System

Experience the power of Hydro-Inertia® and learn how to integrate top down instability training into exciting and effective programming for all fitness levels. This course is a SURGE® Performance Academy requirement for all participants. Enjoy.

Surge Hydro Training 101 - Dynamic Duo Inc

SURGE® Hydro Training System (Required) - 101

Train differently - In this four-hour course you will learn a system that delivers the ultimate in reactive resistance. Experience the exercise libraries, methodology and coaching principles for SURGE® products that you can utilize and program with your clients the next day!

SURGE® 200 Series: Hydro Performance Training and Hydro Program Design

After completing the SURGE® Hydro Training System course, you are qualified to take SURGE® Specialty Courses. Cater to your clients' needs by choosing courses that will enhance your skills and your value. You’ll also earn additional benefits as you advance within the curriculum as one of our Alumni.

Surge Hydro Performance 201 - Dynamic Duo Inc
Surge Hydro Program Design 202 - Dynamic Duo Inc

SURGE® Hydro Performance Training - 201

Immerse yourself in movement performance training and learn how to optimize fitness results for all levels of clients and athletes. Using hydro training -- reacting to constantly shifting water -- you’ll experience why top-down instability techniques using the SURGE® Storm are so effective in enhancing biomotor ability and performance outcome.

SURGE® Hydro Program Design - 202

You’ve learned the system, now complete the picture with pure programming ideas for the SURGE® Hydro Ball. In this four-hour course you will experience three distinct workout styles delivered with templates designed to stimulate creativity. Add excitement and new dimensions to your training toolbox!