TriggerPoint Myofascial Compression Techniques Level 2


Get into the hands-on application of using the TriggerPoint deep tissue massage products.

Target different muscles of the body using the following products:

  • Foot Baller
  • Quad Baller
  • Baller Block
  • Two (2) MB1 Massage Balls
  • TP Sleeve


Myofascial Compression Techniques: The Evolution of Foam Rolling | 8 Hours

Advance your knowledge of SMR beyond foam rolling

Take your knowledge beyond foam rolling by learning the practical applications behind TriggerPoint’s deep tissue tools designed to increase mobility and improve performance through improved biomechanics. Covering 14 areas of the body, this course provides an in-depth knowledge of how to use and teach Myofascial Compression Techniques to increase the performance and training results your clients demand.

  • Cost: PHP 14,490*
  • No CECs Offered:

*Cost includes course manual, TriggerPoint Wellness Collection, and certificate. 


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