BOSU® Mind Body




The BOSU® Mind-Body Certification teaches you a unique fusion of Yoga and Pilates inspired movement sequences that use the BOSU® Balance Trainer, Ballast® Ball, and Soft Fitness Ball. Learn how to build strength, balance and flexibility while creating greater body awareness in a mindful atmosphere of moving meditation. This training will give you fresh and dynamic exercises to use in group fitness or personal training settings. You will learn to teach a full class that fuses Yoga and Pilates, as well as how to split the exercise sequences for separate Pilates or Yoga workouts. Prepare to be challenged with advanced training techniques and new ideas!

Cost: PHP 18,100 with BOSU® Balance Trainer

PHP 13,100 without BOSU® Balance Trainer

CECs Offered: ACE 0.8, NASM 0.8

*Participants will receive the BOSU® Mind-Body Certification Manual, and the BOSU® Balance Trainer.


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