BOSU® Complete Workout System




Unlock the potential of the BOSU® Balance Trainer with this foundational balance training certification that combines science, practical application and over 150 BOSU® exercises and drills. It’s a jam-packed day that will provide you with a toolbox full of ideas to make the BOSU® Balance Trainer more effective in your club, in your classes and with your clients. This certification takes you step by step through the BOSU® Complete Workout System, provides you with 5 full workouts that you can start using right away, and gives you a unique system to help progress, regress, or vary any exercise. Leave this certification with knowledge of the science behind functional balance training, teaching skills to accommodate all levels of fitness, and new tools and ideas for designing endless BOSU® workouts that are effective and fun!

Cost: PHP 18,100 with BOSU® Balance Trainer

PHP 13,100 without BOSU® Balance Trainer

CECs Offered: ACE 0.8, NASM 0.8

*Participants will receive the BOSU® Complete Workout System Certification workbook, the BOSU® Complete Workout System 192-page manual, and the BOSU® Balance Trainer.


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